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Congratulations on the new blog and look forward to reading--

Hi, my name is David Seastrom. If you are reading this you are as big a fan of Astrobolgic as I am. In the way of things, psychics and astrologers rarely solicit funds for their services. Preferring instead to accept donations freely offered. I suspect this has to do with humility and uncertainty as to wether or not it's moral to charge money for using their special gifts. I completely understand this, but I don't agree.
My feelings about Gary's special abilities encourage me to help support what I consider to be the best source of general astrology I know of. Really, I consider this to be a selfish act on my part. In other words, I want to be able to read Gary's insights and observations for many years to come, don't you?
For exactly the same reasons, I pledge to public TV / Radio,and to our local community Radio station WFHB ( I do this because these products add to the quality of my life and for me, make living more enjoyable.
I definitely feel the same about Gary's outstanding site. I pledge so he may survive to produce more of the high quality astrology I enjoy so much. If you agree with me, please consider a donation to help keep this site alive and well - so that we may all continue to enjoy Gary's good work. Thank you.

Please unsubscribe Me from your Blog Feed, I am using a Computer at Work and will be in trouble if My boss sees anything down loaded to the Office computer. Thanks

If your Blog Feed is just on this Site and nothing will be sent to the Computer I am using, then I will stay here and contribute from time to time.

But if anything will be downloaded to this Computer, then unsub Me. Thank you. Joe

Hey, Gary, want evidence of Mercury Rx on Election Day 2012? Read

Team Romney went for a digitized GOTV system, and it was a massive failure.


Hi, Gary, Your "Rates and Services" page is empty. I want to talk about a consultation and reading for my progressed chart this year. Please contact me at my e-mail?


thank you

Gary, my name is Mike Gallagher, I'm Tom Gallaghers brother and I know you from the mid 90s when I worked for the old Bloomington Voice
I've been in Evansville for the last 16 years and I'm interested in having you do a large astrology party here and I believe it will be worth your while.
Please call me at: 812-760-3256

Gary, i
ve been reading your posts for years, but I seem to have fallen off your email list. Could you add me back, please. The week isn't complete without your comments.



Hi Phyllis,

Not sure how that happened but I'll be sure to get you back on the list.

Thanks for being a loyal reader!


Hi, Gary -
This is Janie, sitting a few yards from you in the library. I'm enjoying reading Astroloblogic (just finished your most recent entry, which is why I've been grinning periodically). Please add me to your mailing list.

See you at the gym.


Hi Janie,

Yes. In the "Silent Reading Room" we need to speak to one another electronically. I'd be happy to put you on my mailing list.

See you somewhere, soon!


Hello Gary,
I love your readings and look forward to them every week but for some reason I’m not getting them sent to me anymore.
I couldn’t find any place else to ask about this on your site.
They’re not going into my spam folder and when I try to sign up again for the newsletter it says my email address is already signed up.
I’ve been having to google you each week.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks from a devoted Taurus

Hi Martha,

It would appear that everyone experiencing a problem with receiving the weekly email reminder comes to this page over the years!

Looking at the email list serve, I noticed you're still on the subscription list, but unsure as to why you no longer get them. You did everything I would have done, so I imagine it was frustrating.

I plan to change platforms at the first of the year and hope that fixes things. In the meantime, I deleted and reinstalled your email address in the mailserver in hopes that this corrects the problem.

If you don't get it by Saturday afternoons, the next best thing to do is simply use this link: and then once you get to the site, bookmark it. When I provide a link on my weekly email reminders, this is the exact address I use in the link.

Let me know if my reinstallation works next Saturday, otherwise, use the backup bookmark.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, fellow Taurus!


Thanks for reinstating. Found you years ago when Dali Lama visited his brother and Indiana newsletter had you in them. Your Garden comments are my city 11th flr forest guide.

So grateful for all you do!
Interested in a written birth chart analysis .
Is that something that you provide?
Please reply via my email.

Hi Gary,

How would I go about getting a reading from you? I submitted my info in the comment section of Astroblogick...

Please respond via my email, ok?

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