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Thank you for the years of astrology! I've loved it. I will miss it and wish you the very best and a happy new year!

Thank you so much, Gary. I started reading your words back in about 1997, and I haven't stopped since. I have always appreciated the fruits of your labor and admired your way with words. Your retirement from this project mirrors the same sentimental feeling I had a few years ago when Jim Maynard stopped producing his calendars. Yes, there are other choices, but those other choices will not be quite like you.

So sad to hear your retirement news, however, "Happy Trails To You", and thank you so much for all the years of sharing your insights with us...you will be missed!

Oh no! I just found you in the last year or so. But best of luck on new endeavors! I will miss your lunar gardening tips!

Congratulations on your new adventures, and deepest thanks for your work over so many years. I began reading your column in the Bloomington Voice back in 1993, and I was thrilled to discover your email newsletter later. Happy trails!!

Such as life that so many things that one expects and becomes routine, ends - a constant reminder that "things" constantly change and we need to learn to adapt (and not be too sad). Best wishes to you and your new endeavors!!

Best wishes toy as you move forward. You will be missed more than you imagine. Thank you for enriching my life.

You have always been spot on with your readings, not so much with your interpretations. You have now deprived me of seeing how you deal with how wrong you got Trump.

Best wishes for your new endeavors; you will be sadly missed. You have been an important part of my life for a long time. I have learned much from you and have taken careful note of your astrological impressions every Sunday, as well as gardened according to your advice. I was always excited to see you at the ASK meetings and hope you continue to come for camaraderie. There are a host of new astrologers out there but none will ever have your class, quality of writing and your
particular band of insightfulness

Heart-felt Thanks!

Have been reading sine the days of Bloomington Voice. Your clear voice and explanations is what turned me on to Astrology in the first place. Your weekly insights will be sorely missed! Regardless, good for you and thank you for so many years of wonderful thoughts, wisdom, and commentary. May your next projects bring you joy!

Your page is the only one I would consistently turn to. Would you maybe have a recommendation for where one would go to see similar info?

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