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I wanted to post this as an option thought and to see if anyone else reading has maybe experienced this with lunar gardening. In my gardening of using Gary's lunar gardening report to indoor garden (thanks, Gary!) I've started to use air and fire sign moon days (like today in Gemini) to repot houseplants that I've overwatered. Maybe it's total bunk, but I feel better thinking I've re-planted a houseplant that was dying due to waterlog on a day known to dry it out. I figure, the dryness would allow the roots to believe and would kill any mold/fungus that could form. Hope this helps and again would love to hear if anyone else has had this experience.

open, not option, in that first sentence. "In my year of gardening.." should be the beginning of the second sentence. Is mercury going direct or is it just me? :)

Hi Haniya,

That's an interesting idea I never considered but will keep in mind next time I run into an over-watered houseplant. I would also consider the moon's phase if repotting under a fire or air sign. Of course, only time will tell if this actually works, so keep us posted whether it does or not.

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