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The Federal Reserve Act was December 23, 1913 when most Reps went home for Christmas so it was not properly ratified. G. Edward Griffin wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island. A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, but it was plagiarized from Eustace Mullins's Secrets of the Federal Reserve. The Grace Commission learned after two years of investigation that "income tax" just goes to pay the interest on the debt to the bankers which is now up to 21 trillion. I actually know someone who thought it helped with trash removal. Every year at tax time I watch a couple Joe Banister videos to make myself feel better.

You are absolutely correct, Janelle, I misspoke. What I meant to say is FDR instituted the FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as per the 1933 Banking Act. But even then I was incorrect in saying it coincided with the last time Uranus entered Taurus as that didn't occur until 1934. Thanks for the correction, I need to do my homework before speaking!

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