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Hi Gary. Just wanted to say that your advice to not force things to a conclusion and don't start a battle came to my aid yesterday.

I've been living in HUD housing (privately owned) for 18 years as of August, under three different owners. All three owners have, during annual re-certification, have introduced documents that exceed HUD regulations, claiming that their own inventions have the same weight as HUD's regs.

Over the years, I have established my position of complying with HUD regs while refusing to sign any addional, owner-generated forms.

I submitted my required-by-HUD forms a couple of weeks ago, but the ownerbrought up the issue again, refusing to process my re-cert unless I signed their self-generated forms.

I started to protest, using the aguments I've used before. They kept insisting that their forms were required.

I geared up to do battle once again, which would mean several grueling weeks of research and writing like a paralegal. Then I realized that I no longer have the atrength, physically or mentally, to generatignt the kind of documents I've done in the past. And yor advice popped into my head.

So I followed soem advice my Dad gave me years ago: When somebody truly forces you to sign a document, *and they have the power to harm you*, sign the papers 'under duress and under protest'. Which is what I did.

Your Mars-related advice really helped me recognize the quaality of the time smd make what I think was a prudent choice.

Best as ever

(sorry for typos)

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